Plane Smart Products, LLC Images

Plane Smart Products, LLC Images

The BevLedge is Your Ticket to an Upgraded

Travel Experience

BevLedgeTM is the in-flight window organization station that provides additional storage space and the only one that holds multiple items all at once, including 2 beverages, cell phone, eyewear, ear pods, and more. BevLedge folds flat, fits into ones carry-on and seamlessly slides into most commercial aircraft windows.

Its a perfect gift for any air traveler. Upgrade your travel experience now!

Two Easy Steps To Use

Plane Smart Products, LLC Images


The BevLedge folds flat and is lightweight and so thin that it fits into your laptop case, bag or purse.

Plane Smart Products, LLC Images


It's sturdy, yet unfolds to fit into the window shade-slots in most major commercial aircraft.

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The Bevledge has become a popular choice for customers looking to surprise their friends and family with a unique travel gift. If you're considering purchasing more than 5 Bevledges, we can offer you discounted quantity prices. Simply email us and we'll be happy to assist you with your purchase.

-Thanks, Team BEVLEDGE

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