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Want more room when sitting in a window seat?

We solved that
with the BevLedge.


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Thin & Portable
TheBevledge folds flat and conveniently
fits into your laptop case, bag or purse.
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Durable & Flexible
Its durable material is sturdy but
flexible for quick and easy setup.
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Quick & Easy
Designed to easily slide into the window shade track, allowing you to work more freely
Bev Ledge Images
Ultimate Space Saver
The Bevledge holds your cell phone,
two cups, glasses and more.

The Bevledge is designed to fit windows on MOST major commercial aircraft.
Not intended for use during take-off and landing procedures or at emergency exit windows.

The perfect gift for any traveler!
Also makes a unique promotional item for your business.


This product was very easy to carry as it folded up nicely. It saved room for my computer on the tray and held my drink while using my computer. It also made a good gift for my traveling friends. - Judith K.
I love this nifty product. I know I'm making my seat partner jealous when I can get up for the men's room and my drinks and phone can sit safely in BevLedge. Love it! Can't believe someone didn't think of this a long time ago. Sturdy, but lightweight and folds flat. - Joe K.
Used this product recently for a trip to Arizona. Loved it. Convenient to keep my drinks away from my computer and book that I was reading intermittently. Packs easily and out of the way. - Russell
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